Imagined Landscapes

This exhibition features new works by

Larissa Grant

Liz Hui

Patricia Pauchnick

Madeleine Tonzi

Through paintings, drawings and mixed techniques, these four artists tempt us to reconsider what we find familiar about our surroundings. While deriving inspiration from the natural world, these works veer into new territories of imagined landscapes. This exhibition will be on display through April 28th, 2019.


Join us for the grand opening of Descendants Art Gallery on Friday, March 1st, 2019 from 6pm-11pm! Founded by Jessy Gaumann in 2019, Descendants showcases emerging artists work. The Descendants whale stems from Gaumann’s Swiss heritage where every autumn farmers parade their cows, adorned with flower crowns, through town after bringing them down from the alps where they’ve been feasting on the freshest grass and wildflowers which will aid in producing the amazing cheese they are known for. This sense of celebration and paying homage is what Descendants Art Gallery is founded on. The grand opening features work by artists that were a part of Merchants of Reality, a gallery in San Francisco that Jessy was a curator at. This exhibition pays tribute to the building blocks that made this gallery a reality.

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